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siewcheng 01-28-2012 06:51 PM

Urgent, dogs pad peeling off
My dog's pad is peeling and infected, i have appointed him to the vet but its tmr. So i just want to ask basic care of this kind of case, just to not let it get worse in the meantime till tmr.

I used a wet towel with detol and a wound guard spray to wash his foot every hour or so, is it ok? Anymore stuffs?

Rayquaza17 01-29-2012 12:53 AM

Re: Urgent, dogs pad peeling off
Hi! Did you bring your dog out for walk? My dog have the same problem. Her pad was scorch plus was peeling off. She may have been walking on a too hot ground or either accidentally steps on acid. I have treated it and now is of course okay already :)

She will keep on biting her pad so best use an e-collar to cover her head to prevent her from biting the pad. Don't ever let her lick her pad.

My doctor gave me 2 medicine. She gave me this steps. But I used my own method to wash it but in the same steps.

1) Prepare 3 cotton, a bucket of small water.
2) Put the dog on a tall table so she won't move around much.
3) Wet the cotton, wipe at the soar part. She may move around but firmly holds it and continue wiping it.
4) Apply the antiseptic medicine first.
5) Then use the cotton and was away the medicine before applying the other medicine.
6) After that , repeat this steps if any of the other pads are injured.

Well, That is my experience in handling dog with their pads coming out :)

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