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Nicole Wong 03-11-2014 10:00 PM

Beware this cat adopter
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Beware this young man - Nick Lim . he had adopted Kuro on 23th Feb 2014 from me;and promised to take good care of Kuro and will treat her as a child. Unfortunately starting on the 24th Feb i couldn't contact him, never pick up any calls or reply my watsapp messages.
I attempted to contact him until i couldn't stand it & on the 8th March , i went to his hse to find him . He was in but he couldn't recognize me when he saw me until i reminded him!! Then he told me that Kuro had died 1 weeks ago ... i asked him the cause of death and he said he doesn't know. He said that he was scared when Kuro died so he blocked my number after .. According to his explanation while in his care Kuro just started became quiet & started to eat less & finally died... which is impossible because while in my care Kuro is a kitten full of energy , active and was able to fight for food ! Because she was the stray kitten ! Then i asked him if he give Kuro a proper burial, he dare to reply me that he just threw it away somewhere!!! What the hell did this guy do??? He said he is a cat lover ! He looked friendly , and a nice guy when i first met him..
He is a student and study at the college around SS15, Subang Jaya , Selangor .

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