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nunu 02-16-2013 11:32 PM

Help me please
lol , nmpk mcm urgent gila kan ?
haha actually memang sangat urgent
okay , so , i have a male cat
i think dia dah 2 yrs old kot :)
sayang sangat dekat dia sbb he's the only pet we have
well , kadangkadang bukak videos about cats
and after dia dengar bunyi other cats
dia mcm look around for the other cats
*note* he is an indoor cat
so , i was thinking about adopting another cat
but not sure if i should get a female cat or another male cat
and what age should the other cat be ? please ?
im really dumbfounded by the idea of getting a friend for Lilo :(

Isyarina Ishak 02-19-2013 04:13 PM

Re: Help me please
nunu..i owned multicat ..dan have few experience in introduce new cat to others.

is your male cat spayed?
friendly with stranger?
when send to boarding how is he react with other cat?

what can I suggest is you may find another male kitten..around 6 months and above.we don't want very young,playful kitten try to disturb the 2 years old brothers. {happy}

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