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LeonCheah 06-30-2014 10:58 AM

Healthy Water For Pets
How Ionized Water Can Benefit Your Pets & Livestock!{good}

{happy}Animals have an innate ability to differentiate what they need. Most pet owners are unaware the damage they are doing to fido when they serve them tap water or in many cases even bottled water. In the case of tap water, chlorine, chloride, fluoride, heavy metals and many damaging chemicals are present thus causing damage to your best friend.

Our dogs and cats are important to us and are prone to some of the very same ailments and diseases as us humans. As a matter of fact, the cancer rate has skyrocketed for our beloved furry friends to where it is now 1 in 5. Therefore, finding a safe, natural and affordable solution is at everyone's best interest.

Our animals also have a very fast metabolism and thus react much better and at a faster rate to Alkaline Ionized Water. It has been observed that dogs and cats alike prefer a bowl of this water over a bowl of tap water when placed side by side.

Based upon research and testimonials, ionized alkaline water has been shown to drastically improve the health of our pets as well as livestock.

As a real case example, there was a study conducted on a Japanese poultry farm some years ago, in which there were 20,000 chicks in building A and 20,000 chicks in building "B". Both groups of chicks were given the same amount and type of feed, however, group "B" was given ionized alkaline water. It was found after several weeks that the birds in group "A" with normal ground water had a lower survival rate of 94.5% while the chickens in group "B" that were given ionized alkaline water had a higher survival rate of 99.3%. It was also found that the chickens that were given the ionized alkaline water weighed 1720 grams vs. 1590 grams of the ground water chicks. Throughout the study, there were no other alternations between the two groups of birds with the exception of the ionized water. It seems self evident from this test that ionized alkaline water had a dramatic affect on the overall health of the chickens. Whether you have chickens, other livestock or even a cat or dog, supplying them with ionized alkaline water will make them healthier.{happy}


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pearly 06-21-2018 03:12 PM

Re: Healthy Water For Pets
It was informative. Thanks for sharing.

GemtheRagdoll 10-18-2019 07:25 PM

Re: Healthy Water For Pets
Interesting read.

I have heard that water accounts for the majority of body mass in cats. So having a bowl of water next to their cat bowl with every meal is essential. Found out this cat information here. I stopped feeding my ragdoll Gem after reading this article so I now option for bottled water. This is interesting what you have mentioned about the Alkalines!

I opt of moisture rich wet cat food, wherever possible.

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