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Lights Cat Show ‧ Malaysia entered the top ten cat names
According to the International Cat Association 's regulations , Hong Kong, Malaysia Cat Cat Show only allows participation in competitions, so this time the name of the cat beauty contest race , 200 were cats there are several just across the river in Malaysia fierce "cat . "

The owner of the Malaysian live Maine expectations , after four laps after the race , successfully entered the top ten ranking, continue to " Malaysian Maine Cat Country, " a reputation flourish !

Around the world every month to hold a cat show , the International Cat Association 's members with their name on the species of cats playing sports , therefore , want to see who were the cat 's cat , this cat Forum is most concerned about the event , you can see a lot of names once the cat species ah !

This issue of " Man's Best Friend " with a cat who went to called the " Pearl of the Orient " reputation of Hong Kong join in the fun , this is named " Cat Health and Long live New Year , " the champion of Cat Show and Cat competitive race , is Hollywood Plaza, Hong Kong Cat Alliance and joint activities , which attracted 200 names cat sent a "show " beauty , by the four are from Japan with the name of a cat judge the host.

Castrate cats can play

Every cat has to go through four judges score , if the four judges scores are given within the top ten , then to the final four scores to add up the total score , to determine their rank within the top ten .

Hong Kong, Malaysia CFA Cat Show only allows members of participating , so this time there are three or four Malaysian Martial Law with a cat to the Competition . The owner of Maine introduced Jimmy to sell cat friends Ramli, the cat in this game are ranked within the top ten , did not let the cat Maine Malaysia is the country's reputation .

Cat Show and Dog Show competition rules do not , those who have birth control in the name of a cat fight or have the opportunity to power blooming Korea , so the other cat with castrated group , in Hong Kong known as " meat cat . " Shorthair has always been a favorite of people at the scene saw Abyssinian and British Shorthair cats, like other regular Persian , Maine , Saierkaike curly cats, exotic long-haired cat Have the same supporters , really Jiaoren feast for the eyes .

The name of each species has its own access points cat characteristics , such as Persian cat 's head in perfect focus , Maine is taken by a silky hair points, if the cat has not done their homework before the Lord , to love Demonstrated the advantages of a cat , it will reduce the chance of scoring .

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