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rayd 07-02-2013 07:44 PM

Food for kitten with sensitive stomach
Anyone ada experience handling kittens with sensitive stomach?
Rescued a kitten, and she had been having after trying ubat cirit birit, probiotic and antibiotics, vet concluded that its due to sensitive stomach. Been feeding her boiled chicken breast but kitten still having loose stool.
Any food suggestions?

froggie 07-05-2013 07:50 PM

Re: Food for kitten with sensitive stomach
Hi Rayd,

The cats at my sanctuary pun quite a few with sensitive stomach.
We moved from Nutriedge to IAMS.
Doing much better.

You can also try First Class or Royal Canin Sensible.
RC Sensible is the best for sensitive stomach due to the nutritional value and ingredients.

Sometimes protein too high pun kucing tak boleh digest properly, hence diarrhoea.

The best is to make sure you change the food slowly.
Troublesome but important for those with sensitive stomach.
Abrupt changes in diet can cause the diarrhoea to worsen or continue.

Maybe in about 2-3 weeks the soft stool will normalise kot.

We've also installed a water filter, as water straight from the tap contains bacteria and parasites that can also make things worse.
RM60 from TESCO {wink}

Best of luck!


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