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dog is my buddy 07-20-2009 11:07 AM

Black German Shepherd for adoption

here the massage from owner Adult GSD is available for adoption. He is already 4 yrs old and has been neutered. Below are the characteristics of the dog and his living conditions: -

Timid and doesn't bark at humans at all. Lousy guard dog.
Knows some basic commands.
Is scared to be touched under the neck and paws due to lousy training previously.
Love walks and human companion
Is not good with male dogs.
Is currently on raw feeding.

Due to his bad past, I am setting some terms and conditions for the adoption of this boy. Terms and conditions are as stated below:-

Has to be adopted to Penang/KL/PJ only.
Must be sent for at least a basic obedience class by a trainer nominated by me.
Has to be walked/run daily to strengthen his legs and posture.
Must be kept as a companion dog and part of the family and not be treated as a guard dog only.
If possible he is to remain on raw food if not high quality kibbles only (he doesn't do well with kibbles).
Adopter must be willing to work with his behavior issues with proper training from a trainer nominated by me.
Adopters must not have any male dogs in at home.
An adoption fee of RM300 will be needed to cover his medical expenses during his stay with me.

who interest let me know, I pass you the contact. The second owner with this dog short moment, if you adopt become 3 person for as dog owner. closing data 25/7/09

acsyen 07-22-2009 01:37 PM

Re: Black German Shepherd for adoption
Thanks. I totally no time post this up at all.

dog is my buddy 07-22-2009 05:56 PM

Re: Black German Shepherd for adoption
You are welcome, we wishing the dog can find better home. I no wish someone take it just use as watch home or door. Now at the day still have this type people thinking dog just use as watch home.

Originally Posted by acsyen (Post 54386)
Thanks. I totally no time post this up at all.

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