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brad 08-02-2012 11:24 PM

Petsmore - the ugly side
Visited PETSMORE 1utama to buy a pet and other accessories. Have to say am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED and walked away lamenting the POOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE{catcry}.

1st -paid RM 500 deposit but couldn't receive bonuslink points. Excuse offered was deposit paid on different day so not counted. Everybody knows deposit & full payment are always reflected under 1 invoice. LAME & NO APOLOGY offered {vomit}.

2nd - outlet accepts 1Card but machine broke down. Asked to come back another day to claim the points from 1U main counter. When I complained bout the hassle, staff answered indifferently "if you want the points, then come back". LAME & NO APOLOGY offered {vomit}.

3rd - there is this "tear and win" contest that says "1 packet for EVERY RM 50 spent" subject to Max 10 pieces. Staff says I am only entitled to claim 1 packet since I only have 2 receipts (1st receipt RM 1588, 2nd RM 155). Huh? What logic is this? Since "EVERY RM 50" in single receipt is worth 1 packet, I should get 10. If their argument is sound, then the T&C should read "1 packet for min purchase of RM 50 for every receipt" See the difference here?? After staff spoke to supervisor was offered 5. Said I may complain to BonusLink, staff said "yes go ahead"!! All LAME & NO APOLOGY offered {vomit}.

Petsmore, pls exercise COMMON SENSE. I could've just ignore the malfunction coz the points and contests are merely POCKET CHANGE {shy}! But just couldnt stand it when consumers are TAKEN FOR A RIDE and businesses couldnt be bothered to deliver what was promised/advertised{angry}{angry}. Btw, did not even raise my voice throughout {ohmygod}.

jouhari 08-03-2012 10:34 AM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
i find their stuff overpriced . except for the pooper scopper i bought for rm4. everything was a bit more then other smallers petstores. but they do have lots of things. more dog friendly and furry friendly. just small cat section

mr. ho 12-18-2012 06:34 AM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
I use to patronize their Empire State Gallery branch while they have guinea pigs and would accept my pet for boarding. After the explosion in '10, they dropped guinea pigs completely and ignore my request for boarding. {bad} Since then, I have not been inside any Petsmore shops.

Rayquaza17 12-23-2012 09:47 PM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
I absolutely dislike Petsmore at 1 Utama!
1) Bad customer service
2) I have been at the counter standing for so long and just because they saw I am a kid does that mean I have nothing to buy? I stand there for 10-15 minutes ringing the bell like crazy.
3) Their dog section and cat section is absolutely dirty! Last time I had an argument with them and their logic are so illogical!

Their logic for dog section:
1)I ask " Why didn't you put toys at their cages for them to play?"
Their answer" Because they will bite the toys."

2) " Why didn't you place a few chew items for them?"
Their answer " They might choke and die"

EI! Because the dogs are overwhelming bored, they bite everything they could find in the cage. That is more dangerous cause they are biting sharp items that could hurt them! If Empire Petsmore can give them toys and others also, why not them?

3) " They have so many poo at their cage, why didn't clean the cage?"
Their answer " We have timings and we don't simply clean the poo."

Excuse me? Because of their illogical timing of cleaning the poo, the pups got to sleep and play with the poo instead!

4) " Why? That's not very hygienic. Why didn't Pet'smore clean like Pet's wonderland? "
Their answer" Miss, don't compare us with Pet Wonderland. They are not so good compare to us. If you are the one behind cleaning, is very smelly and I bet you won't go in."

HEI! I clean my own dog poo okay? If you don't like working then don't work! Her tone is so rude!

4) I saw a Schnauzer with bad skin disease which cost RM 2000++
I ask" Why isn't the skin treated?
Their answer" Oh, we are treating by applying cream."

5) " Then shouldn't you cure it first before putting it up for sale?"
Their answer" Miss, previously we also have puppies with skin problem. People still buy anyway. We put it up for sale so people can buy it."

Do they care? They do not!

Their cat section they also told me there is timing to clean and I think they don't change the sand! Poor cats seeing their kitty litter become a hard stone instead!

Please! Petshop brings in backyard breeding pups! They are very unhealthy and they don't care for them well. Service are not good too! I am very very upset with this especially petsmore.

Rayquaza17 12-23-2012 09:48 PM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side

I bought my cat scooper at Tesco for Rm 1++ :)

Isyarina Ishak 02-19-2013 04:26 PM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
I sell cat food, product,accecories and supplement at lower price!!! i sell dog food as well.please visit..

Anti PM 03-30-2013 09:03 AM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
I totally agree with Rayquaza statement that petsmore do not care of the dogs welfare. I think their main aim is to sell and earn money.

I went to 3 of their outlets located at 1 utama, empire gallery as well as Setia City mall. All the dogs'cages are full of poo and the dogs are biting the pee mat. The cages are full of the white cotton from the mat.

In addition to that, for the bigger size dogs (due to bigger breed and older), they were place in the small cage for 24 hour. As a passer by, I really pity the dogs, as they can only sit on the cage and can't move at all,

I am not sure whether the petsmore management aware of all these situation happening at their store. I really hope the management pay more attention to the welfare of the animals and not just looking at the monetary side of keep earning money.

Is really sad to see pet shop treating dogs like that. As a dog lover and pet owner, I really really hope the management will improve their processes in handling the pets.

Wsll525 03-31-2013 09:45 AM

Seriously, petsmore hire monkeys to operate their outlets. Just go to pets safari. Very good service.

Cole2021 01-03-2021 10:58 AM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
I bought a 3layer cat cage at petsmore citta mall .
I decide to buy it cause the staff agreed to assemble it at my place,
The reason i ask to do as such so i can disassemble it on my own when i need to move it to another place, since they agreed to do so i bought it.
BUT the cage was assembled and delivered to my place. Not what have been promised.
I am pissed but still fine. I went back tp the shop and request they help to disassemble, since they give empty promise before well should be ok. The STAFF saying yes but expression already show a not too willing/cannot help face.
So i decide to call the contact no. I get from facebook, hoping for help.
But they said, the cage will be assembled before delivery ({angry}
Fine, so i ask for help, they show a videos from youtube, ok i try to follow.
But there are lots of small clip over the cage, so i have to went to the shop and ask how to take it off.


Cole2021 01-03-2021 11:04 AM

Re: Petsmore - the ugly side
citta mall branch same, please don't go there.
I learned my lesson now, want to buy anything?
Make sure to check in forum like this.

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