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PrincessHo 09-15-2014 01:54 AM

Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah
It has been one month now since my beloved fur baby died. The pain and the brokenness are really unbearable. I feel the need to share this, with hopes that it will never happen to another animal lover.

I sent my fur baby, a lovely very tiny toy poodle to Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah to be neutered since I was told by many that Dr Yeoh is very experienced and neutering would give my fur baby a healthier life. My fur baby is extremely precious to me. She is most loving, very well trained and just only knows to show her love. She greets me every morning on her hind legs with her front paw in front of her and does that every evening when I return home from work. Though she is home alone, she has never ever ransacked nor bites any of my things, knows exactly where to do her business. Even when I am doing house chores or gardening, my beloved fur baby would sit there and just stay with me for the entire duration until I finish my chores and then she would happily come to me. At the slightest sound at the door, she is most alert and would bark to let me know. Moments, when I am sad, she will sit with me and just let me hold her, whilst I cried, and she licks away my tears. As there are just so many wonderful moments with her...I can't even write it all down. She’s my beloved fur baby who gives me so much love and now she is gone… simply because I took her to be neutered at Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah.

Before I went to Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah, I asked Yeoh Veterinary if it was safe for such a very tiny toy poodle (like a Chihuahua size) to be neutered. I was assured by the Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah that the procedure is simple and not a problem. I was told to fast my beloved fur baby without food and water after 8pm and to bring her at noon the next day. I brought my fur baby to Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah at 12pm. I waited for 1 hour and finally I met Dr Yeoh. I specifically told him to please be careful as she is a very tiny toy poodle though she is heavy (as I give her only the best food). I clearly told Dr Yeoh she is very precious to me and to please check her thoroughly before the operation and I even told him, her name is, “Princess”. Dr Yeoh replied, "don’t worry" and I was told to collect my precious fur baby at 5pm. I was pretty stunned that it was delayed till 5pm plus for a such a tiny little dog that was told to fast since 8pm the night before. But since he is the Dr, I respected his decision.

When I went to collect my precious fur baby at 5pm, as I walk in Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah, the counter girl just said to me, “Dr will see you behind”. I even brought a dog e-collar protection for my beloved fur baby, thinking that I am going behind to collect her. The moment I went in, Dr Yeoh told me, “I am sorry your dog didn’t make it” and he pointed to my beloved fur baby, dead in a towel on the floor. I was so stunned, I just broke down, wept uncontrollably, went and cradled my lifeless fur baby in my arms, close to my heart. Since I wept, cried so hard, Dr Yeoh had to move me to his office, so that I can weep there without disturbing the other dogs behind. I asked, why? what happened? And Dr Yeoh reply was, “it was a cardiac arrest” and said it was because my dog has a weak heart. In my sobs, I queried, how can that be possible? Haven’t I told you to please check her thoroughly? Why didn’t you check properly? If she has a weak heart, why do you still go ahead with the operation? Dr Yeoh just replied, “I am sorry, these things happen and we have done the best we can” And, he left, just like that.

I wanted to probe further and one of his staff said, “Dr has gone in for another operation and, she asked me “oh have you heard her heart murmur before” I was shocked and I said, “aren't all of you supposed to check thoroughly before you do the operation?” Then her reply was, “if you want, you can do a post mortem”, closed the door and just left! I was SO stunned. First, it is so baffling how can they not detect a weak heart “if” they had done the checks thoroughly? And, my fur baby is extremely healthy as I give her the expensive vitamins and I have never even heard any murmur in her heart. Secondly, the “behaviour” after the episode, it’s as if the death of my fur baby means nothing? Then, their staff just gave my husband a flyer for a pet memorial and that was all there is to the death of my fur baby for them - period.

I wept, so heartbroken for 2-3 hours as their clinic was about to close and I had to make a decision what to do with my fur baby. Initially, they wrapped my fur baby in white paper. I wanted a lock of my fur baby’s fur, and I did tell them to please wrap her back properly for the pet memorial personal to collect her. Because initially, I thought I wanted to do a burial at a pet cemetery but in the end I decided to take my fur baby home, as she is family and I will bury her in my garden so that she can still be home.

I changed my mind in the morning, called Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah and informed them. Then, when they opened for business, I went and collected my “frozen” fur baby. I was astounded as they just wrapped her in “newspaper” instead of the white paper like they promised they would. Is it because they thought that it was the pet memorial people were collecting her instead of me?

I was so furious. How dare they treat my beloved fur baby in this manner? As it is, my personal gut feel is that the pre-operation procedures were not done thoroughly. I do not know if it is done by the Dr himself, or his group of staff as, they looked like trainees to me and perhaps do not possess the experience as the Dr? And, to further add on my grief, when they should at least have a heart to care, they should at least have re-wrapped my beloved fur baby in the white paper (like they promised) instead of using a used newspaper. Remember, though my fur baby died, I still had to pay for the fees. Frankly, how much does a piece of white paper cost them? For a vet clinic who is so “reputable” and supposedly to be “caring”, I find this “act” of Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah, extremely cold and heartless.

I will never ever go back to Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah as it has left me crushed, filled with anguish, heart-brokenness… In my own opinion 1) they do not seemed to show that they did the pre-operations checks thoroughly though the Dr may be deemed as experienced 2) the manner in how the staff handle my fur baby is like trash…wrapped in a newspaper in a black bag when I was promised that my fur baby would be wrapped again properly in the white paper 3) questionable, is this a veterinary that genuine cares for the welfare of my fur baby or just more focused on “business” as my fur baby was in the clinic since 12 noon and operation was done only at 5pm plus as the staff said that the Dr had a packed full day of operation from 12pm onwards.

For such a simple procedure as a neuter, it has led to the death of my beloved fur baby and the manner in which it was handled just leaves a horrid, bad taste in one’s mouth. This whole traumatic experience left me so crushed that my family doctor had to prescribe me anti-depression pills as the loss is so sudden. I have lost my beloved fur baby, whom I love with all my heart and, she doesn't deserve to die this way when all she did in her little doggie heart, is just to love me so wholeheartedly and unconditionally. I love you, my darling, beloved little Princess and, may you rest in peace. There will never ever be another like you….

MyDSH 09-22-2014 11:10 AM

Re: Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah
OMG I am sorry to hear that.

lablover 09-23-2014 01:12 AM

Re: Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah
Dear Princess, you posted in my other thread about this clinic.
First of all, sorry for your loss as I too can understand how it feels to lose your beloved friend/companion, it pains me to see this clinic claim another unsuspecting victim.

And wow I did not realize that it has been over 3 years since my Golden (Benson) left me. I still think of him time to time, sometimes I will have a dream about him and have a tear in my eye when I wake up.
I just want to say that time does heal things a little. I've had pets since I was young so I've gone through a few family dogs and each passing isn't easy. Especially if you're very attached to a particular one.

I used to think that if there was a heaven, Benson will be there waiting for me, so maybe one day we will still see each other again after all. That makes me feel much better.
Hope this helps and again sorry for your loss. {cry}

PrincessHo 09-26-2014 08:35 PM

Re: Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah
Thank you MyDSH, your reply means a lot to me as it was indeed a terrible ordeal :(

PrincessHo 09-26-2014 09:02 PM

Re: Yeoh Veterinary in Taman Megah
Thank you lablover for your kind words. I appreciate it very much <3 Especially the part on our babies waiting for us in heaven and a hope that we will meet again. Thank you, it does bring comfort in a way cos the loss is not easy as my beloved Princess is my precious baby. I wished I had read your post before I brought my Princess there. I hope by your posting & mine, it will cause awareness and will prevent this from happening to another unsuspecting victim too.

Again, I am truly sorry about Benson because I know exactly how you feel. Just like you have said, only time can heal... sadly, my wound is so fresh & raw. So, I do thank you so much for writing as, it means a lot to me because you did give me comfort by what you wrote, showing you care + also can relate with what I went thru - Hugs & thank you kindly xoxo

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