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tamyraselvarajan 09-06-2022 08:57 PM

A warning about a shitty owner!
A month ago, we gave a kitten away ( one we posted on here) and today he came back to us... why??? Well, because the owner is irresponsible,fickle and just a bad owner who doesn't deserve pets. She brought the cat to us and made up all sorts of excuses as to why she didn't want him anymore.. none of us bought any of her excuses. The thing is.. she told us to reserve the cat for him and then.. she gave him back to us, in less than a MONTH!!!!!!!

He is such a cute and good boy and it broke our hearts to know that she just dumped him like that. Also, his demeanour changed when he came home. He was once an energetic and happy boy and now, he's quiet and scared of everything. He also came home with fungus and lost weight. He was eating well and was healthy with us.. and he came home completely different.

Her name is Shannen Liew and do look out for her if you see her popping up in your messages. See her number ( +60 16-525 7268) and don't respond. Chances are, she might do the same to other animals.

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