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Yukki 08-01-2018 08:04 PM

Anyone wants a white tiger oscar?
Im putting a white tiger oscar for adoption! I live in Ipoh,Perak.

Species:White tiger oscar
Age:about 6-7 months maybe and it is still a baby
Gender:unknown (oscar fish can only be identified its gender once its fully an adult)
Color:white with red markings and little bit of black on the end of the fins.
Diet: must have a balanced diet of pellets and live foods(worms,feeder fish,shrimp,crickets)

••Anyone who have a large,unused aquariums only can adopt.because it will get very big.also,keep it alone in the aquarium,or it will attack other fish••

°°please help me adopt him...if there's no one interested then my dad will dump it in a pool or lake which is very very bad :( i know its a crime and im trying to find a new owner who can provide a good life for him°°

•°Ipoh area please.If far away have to self pickup°•

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