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AndyKoh 05-19-2009 09:11 PM

WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
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WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature!

WWF-Malaysia has launched the “Egg=Life” campaign aimed at improving the protection of marine turtles in Malaysia.

The campaign, which will run from Earth Day 22nd April to 30th September 2009, targets to gain pledges from 40,000 members of the public. People who sign up in support of WWF-Malaysia’s “Egg=Life” campaign will pledge to:
  • Support laws that will ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs throughout Malaysia
  • Support the call for comprehensive and holistic Federal legislation to conserve marine turtles
  • Never consume turtle eggs, or trade in turtles or their parts

Anyone can sign up to support the campaign and help our marine turtles at Organisations and colleges that would like to undertake signature drives in support of the campaign can contact WWF-Malaysia for educational materials and postage-paid hardcopy sign-up forms.

Turtles play a critical role in keeping marine ecosystems healthy; the same ecosystems which sustain our fisheries and tourism industries that provide food and livelihoods for millions of people. Marine turtles are threatened with extinction due to various factors, including: the practice of consuming turtle eggs, becoming accidentally caught in fishing gear, poorly planned coastal development, marine and nesting beach pollution as well as illegal trade of turtles and their parts.

Leatherback turtles have already been declared functionally extinct in Malaysia. In the 1950s, there were 10,000 leatherback nests in Rantau Abang each year; now there are less than 10. Moreover, turtle protection laws are inadequate. Current Federal law on turtles are limited. Under the Federal Constitution, it is the states that have the authority to make laws on turtles. State laws vary from state to state and are simply inadequate.

Comprehensive and holistic Federal laws, additional resources and heightened enforcement are needed to effectively protect our turtles. Each signature in support of WWF-Malaysia’s “Egg=Life” campaign will lend weight to efforts aimed at improving turtle protection legislation in Malaysia. We hope that everyone will log on to and help save turtles with just one signature.

In Peninsular Malaysia, WWF-Malaysia works with partners including the Department of Fisheries Malaysia to conserve turtles at key nesting rookeries including Kem Terendak, Pulau Upeh and Padang Kemunting beaches in Melaka as well as Ma’Daerah and Setiu beaches in Terengganu. Melaka’s beaches are home to the peninsula’s largest population of hawksbill turtles – with 20 to 30% of the state’s total nestings occurring on the 120 meter strip of beach in Pulau Upeh, the densest nesting beach in Melaka – while a significant population of green turtles nests on Terengganu’s beaches. These nesting beaches must be protected from pollution and development because they are critical to the survival of our marine turtles.

All it takes is just 1 minute of your time to help save the turtles. Don't forget to tell your friends about the website too! There is also a SaveTurtle Postcard attachment below which you can print out or email to your friends!

Submit Your Signature & Save The Turtles Now >>

p/s: If you have submitted your signature, please feel free to reply to the thread here so we can thank you for your support! {wink}

vivi 05-19-2009 09:42 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
when i was just a kid, my whole familiy like to consume turtle eggs.
But to tell all the truth. It doesn't taste good.{scared}
It taste like very very muddy egg.
and like .....when people have a running nose thingy....{scared}{sick}

k for real.
i pledge i won't eat another turtle egg in my life.
I love my world to be beautiful and i love the sea to be beautiful and full of beautiful living things too.
i've watch documentary bout the turtle's life, it's really sweet and u should see how little turtles fight and faces challenges ahead of them.

god bless.

blackie007 05-20-2009 10:22 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Done! and wow, got e-cert for doing that wor.....{wink}{shy}

cookie 05-21-2009 12:17 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
In my home town as a child, I grew up on turtle eggs because I loved eating it. There were lots of turtles then, including eggs. The beaches were clean, the waters crystal clear and the air was fresh. My driver was a trishaw man.

The last time I had turtle eggs was when I was in my twenties visiting my aunt who moved to Singapore. Being the aunt who brought me up, she knew I loved turtle eggs. She brought me to the wet market and bought turtle eggs for me. I could not turn her down out of respect but I asked one question as to where the eggs came from. The seller, an Indonesian, replied that it was from Indonesia. Secretly, I was relieved.

Well, my aunt proceeded to cook, presented the eggs and sat down to watch me eat. I had a tough time.
Number one: the eggs somehow looked rather small and unappetising as the ones from my hometown.
Number two: it was extremely difficult to swallow as I felt baby turtle trying its best to crawl up my throat (call it imagination or guilt).
Number three: I had to act like I was enjoying it when in actual fact I was suffering. And I kept consoling myself silently that the eggs weren't from my home town and that these would be my absolute last in my life.

And it was.

Then in my thirties, I went back home town again. This time to the islands and there I was absolutely happy. I had the opportunity to play with hundreds, not one or two or three but hundreds and hundreds of newborn turtles. This was pure bliss. By then I was already a vegetarian - absolutely guilt free.

For those who had signed up, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my state-mates; for those who have not, please do.

AndyKoh 05-21-2009 01:04 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Hi Vivi, Blackie and Cookie,

Thanks for your support of the Save Turtles campaign and sharing your interesting stories. I hope WWF is able to garner the necessary support and signatures within their target period, and let's do our part in helping them raise the awareness!

Well, just 10 minutes ago I thought I was able to declare that I never consumed any turtle eggs or turtles... until I suddenly realized that I had occasionally eaten this popular Chinese herbal dessert "龟苓膏" (Gui Ling Gao), the black-coloured cold paste served with honey in many Chinese restaurants, including the Kung Wo Tong herbal chain in shopping complexes like 1Utama and MidValley.

I was always under the naive impression that it was some Chinese herbal medicine, but upon further research just now, seems like one of the key ingredients is the shell of Platysternon Megalephalum (big-headed turtle) ground to powder form. Although those are not leatherback turtles, I still feel guilty now {mdumb}

Hope I don't get beaten up by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

dog is my buddy 05-21-2009 01:11 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
龟苓膏 is true made from Turtles ? Yeeeeee..................

AndyKoh 05-21-2009 01:38 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Yeah... I just looked it up in Baidu at the chinese article below:

And here's a picture of the turtle whose shell is used:

dog is my buddy 05-21-2009 02:19 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
why 龟苓膏 need use this Turtles? because is the name? Lucky dont have 狗苓膏, it no, more homesless dog at road side going in cook. Thanks Hotdog no made by dog!

Originally Posted by AndyKoh (Post 44518)
Yeah... I just looked it up in Baidu at the chinese article below:

And here's a picture of the turtle whose shell is used:

adamyala 05-21-2009 07:45 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature

I filled up the form already

Is that all I have to do ? {oh}

*I remember having some 'telur penyu' myself. I was in my twenties; still remember how it taste very clearly. Like eating half boiled eggs with lots of sands in it {sweat}*

so..for adik adik who has never had a turtle egg before, you are not missing anything !

ashleywong 05-21-2009 10:14 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Hi Andy

thanks for posting it here, i got an opportunity to pledge my support.

can you give me the link to articles on "kwai ling go" that uses turtle shell? i have heard this rumour for a long time and had resisted taking kwai ling go because of that. i once asked the kong wor tong proprietor and they said it's from herbal leaves. i went to asked at the various chinese medicinal hall and they said the same thing.

so i ate occasionally kwai ling go from time to time but you can say i hardly eat 5 times in a whole year cos it's a bit too cooling for me.

gee i hope if the rumours are true about kwai ling go being made from ground-up turtle shell, this won't negate my vegetarian vow i've taken for the whole of last year!

anyway, i've never eaten turtle egg and have never been tempted to cos it smacks so much of destroying them at the source - you destroy an egg,you destroy the population.

have already signed the pledge and sent it on for my siblings to read. hopefully they'd sign their pledge too.

June 05-21-2009 12:03 PM

WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
All of us here guilty at least once for consuming turtle's egg {sick} If my memory serve me right, it has been nearly 14 yrs I didn't consume it anymore. After I got involve with WWF (contributing every month to their fund) I totally stop this destructing habit {good}

By the way Andy, I already sign the petition and rcvd e-confirmation.Very impressed with their high tech {shy}

blackie007 05-21-2009 12:24 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
I've never eaten turtle eggs or turtle soup before, but have taken "gwui ling ko". I was told it's made from herbs????

and I thot they said it was given that name becos the dessert originated from Gui Lin, China? That's what a waitress at the chinese restaurant at Sheraton Imperial said when I asked. {sick}

AndyKoh 05-21-2009 02:45 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
I just checked around for more articles on Gui Ling Gao (including home DIY recipes) and they seemed to also mention using the powdered turtle shells. But there are also some that mentioned about just using ginseng and other herbal substances.

Here's what I believe... this dessert, which originated since the days of Chinese emperor rulings, has the turtle shell as a key ingredient. If you go to authentic shops nowadays, you would probably get the same at an expensive price. The commercialized ones that we now find which are sold pretty cheaply, has probably left out this expensive ingredient, but the name stuck on.. so I think the turtle shell is not a rumour, but rather, the authentic and original version.

Ashley, here is the chinese article you requested:

AndyKoh 05-21-2009 02:48 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Hi Adamyala,

Yes, you just need to sign up that short form, that's all, simple right? {wink}

Good job to all of you on signing the pledge, I hope our community can contribute at least a thousand more signatures to their campaign! {good}

lisalau 05-23-2009 02:51 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
I signed the petition a minute ago. Aikks.. I didn't know that one of the ingredients in gui ling gao is turtle shell... Hmmmm I used to eat gui ling gao once in a while.. now i know, i better don't eat.

Turtle eggs: I had it when I was less than 10 years and it didn't taste good. Never consciously knowing I eat turtle eggs since then. And no more gui ling gao from now on for me.

AndyKoh 05-24-2009 12:55 AM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Thanks for signing the pledge, Lisa! {good}

Oh, I think the gui ling gao that you ate doesn't contain turtle shell.. at least not the commercialized ones that you find in shopping complexes which only cost less than RM10.. I am very interested to know which places here that actually serve it with turtle shell though, out of curiousity... The next time I pass by the Kung Wo Tong, I'll be sure to ask them thoroughly about this hehe!

Mr & Mrs Mondok 06-04-2009 03:43 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
.:: Owh!!! I want to sign up too... Please click to my badge down there, it is also for helping other animal too...
Pleaseeee... Thank you... {kiss}{kiss}{kiss}


chibimoruku 06-04-2009 05:47 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature

Originally Posted by Mr & Mrs Mondok (Post 46330)
.:: Owh!!! I want to sign up too... Please click to my badge down there, it is also for helping other animal too...
Pleaseeee... Thank you... {kiss}{kiss}{kiss}


i signed up both already!{happy}{muacks} and the best part abt the digi's site is that u can choose ur organisation and if u have more than one emails, u can vote more than once! i voted for SPCA and MAKNA {grin}{grin}{victory}{cool}

Mr & Mrs Mondok 06-04-2009 05:50 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
.:: Heheheh!!! Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Let us save our life & nature... ::.

BellXun 06-04-2009 07:57 PM

Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature
Wow. now only i know why the dessert is named 'Gui lin gao'. Thanks. If they only use the Shell then its "recycling". a good thing. hehehe.

Well I ate many Gui lin gao in my life but none is genuine i bet. all I eat is cheap cheap RM2 ones. which mainly consist of herbs + agar agar + sugar. Who so free to collect the shell and sell it at RM2? hahahha.

Anyway. Good cause. I hope to volunteer helping them little turtles in person one day. Heard there is some protecting turtle eggs camp or sumthing like that. sounds fun~. Always wish I can do more for them.

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