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MyLittleHamster25 01-28-2017 04:35 PM

Watch Out for the Rueben
I had posted about my guppies for adoption, then some hours later, a guy named Rueben said he wanted them. The next day, I got my buddy to contact him. He said he wanted all my 20 fish for sale! Then after some small talk, he asked me for something to keep the fish in. I told him that if I had a tank or something to put the fish in, I would have said so. He asked to meet up at Cheras, but my parents told me not to meet at his house, or my house, or anyone's house. It would be better to meet in a public area. Then he said he has no email. He asked the cost of the fish, and I told him RM40 for all 20 fish. Then he said he won't buy it because he's poor.

Well, Rueben,

1. I only give 20 fish and that's that
2. I never said I would provide a tank
3. You have no email! How did you sign up? Facebook?
4. If you're so poor, how did you afford an apartment unit, a mobile device, and some Wifi or data?

We might be girls, but we're smart.

Anyways, we're done with him now.

But beware...

Update: we saw another of his comments about this dog/duck called mpOV} (the pic showed a dog, but the info said it was a duck). He didn't even inquire properly whether it was a dog or duck, he was just like, I don't care whether it's a dog or duck, I'll just have it.

To add to the suspicion, the current owner is a female, too.

This is suspicious, guys.

Watch out, especially the females...

Update 2:

Guys, my buddy spotted another one of Rueben's comments in a Dwarf hamster post. Again, the current owner is a female.

Something is going on.

Update 3:

Here's the link to all of the posts in which we found Rueben's comments on.

My guppy fish:
mpOV} the dog/duck:
dwarf hamsters:

I will add more when I see more.

I found another one!

Update 4:

My friend told me that Rueben said he is a Christian.

That is soooo fake!

nosyparker10 02-01-2017 02:15 PM

Re: Watch Out for the Rueben
Is this the same person ?

MyLittleHamster25 02-03-2017 01:01 PM

Re: Watch Out for the Rueben
nosyparker10 yes it is!

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