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pyton 08-13-2008 04:13 PM

pet transport help?
hi... was wondering if anyone can advice me or help me figure out away to transport a dog from Penang to Kuantan? I tried firefly but they do not carry animals. To drive there and back is just too costly. I plan to adopt a dog from there as a present for my current Dog blade. Cause of my situation i can only have another very small dog with short coat I didn't have much choice. Blade has been an only dog, but a few weeks back a friend bought over a small doggy friend that stayed with him for 2 days. He was so happy.... and when she went back he was so sad. I realized he must be so lonely sometimes when we are not around will be nice to give him a friend. {wink}. I do not want to use any transport companies for fear of stressing the dog.

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