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Payi 03-10-2013 05:12 PM

I just want to share my experience on an DISHONEST and RUDE pet groomer. I have been frequenting the grooming service in A PET STUDIO in Taman Midah, Cheras. The first time I went there, they treated me nice, and gave me a loyalty program card of 7 Free 1 for grooming service.They charged me RM25 for the basic grooming of my 4 yr old toy poodle. I thought the price was reasonable and I went there again. However, on the 2nd time, they charged me RM30 for the same basic grooming service. I thought price was still competitive so I went there again for a 3rd time, and was charged RM30 plus additional RM10 for poodle leg and poodle mouth. I did not argue with them and paid them. As I have already collected 3 stamps, I thought it was wasteful not to go there again as I only require 4 more stamps to collect a free grooming service. So I continued to frequent the shop, eventhough on the 4th time, my poodle was infected with lice after returning from the shop. Today is the fifth time I go there. I was charged RM40! They explained RM35 for basic grooming plus additional RM10 for poodle leg and mouth. I kept quiet and pay. However, as I handed over my loyalty card, they refuse to stamp for me, giving me an excuse that it had been more than a year since the first time I came. I told them nicely that this clause was not stated in the loyalty card, but they just shook thier heads and said No. As I leave, I told them that I am not coming back anymore, and guess what the owner told me, he shouted, " YOU DONT COME BACK ALSO NEVERMIND!". I did not want to argue, so I just walked away.
This is a classic example of business operator who would not go very far due to their DISHONESTY, GREED, and shor-sighted view. If I am asked to rate their overall service, I would only give them 1/5. The one star that I gave is for their fast timing in completing the grooming (due to slow or no business).

Adeline 03-11-2013 08:53 PM

My friend had the same experience with this pet saloon too. She also got cheated by them! Personally, I will not visit shops who are so unappreciative of the business we give them. I think this pet shop will close down very soon.{shy}

lovemyangel 12-13-2013 10:51 AM

I dont agree with wat u said. I used to send my poodle there for grooming and boarding. I like their clean environment. My neighbour send their fur kids there too. although sometimes they reject walk in customer due to pack schedule but they provide appointment service. U can call to make appointment and they will complete the session on time.

FYI: Poodle leg n poodle face got extra charges is a common sense. And 2 add on for only RM10 is awfully cheap, if u survey around u will know.

PS: u can ask them to clear ur doubt at first but u choose to vent ur anger here by talking bad behind one, i dun think u r someone that can really talk nicely like wat u said. {grin}{grin}

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