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LC2015 09-28-2017 01:18 PM

Adopter - big time liar
This is to alert all rescuers out there - an Indian man with hp:012-7668902 who from day 1 lied to me everything about himself -name, place of stay, etc when he adopted a pup from me on 25/8/17. During the one month before he reported that the pup got lost (which i believe is a lie) , he was everywhere working -Johor,Malacca, Penang when he told me that he works from home dealing with maid cleaning services .Also another in between story was that he sent the pup to Stephen guard training for toilet training . All these I believe was to avoid me going to the house only to realise the truth !! When the pup was reported lost,I went to the site only to find out that there is no such person by the name, the people living there is not related as told and there was no dog staying there

Please be cautious with people who cannot be truthful and worse still with a motive behind. You can see under lost dog by the name of Tobi.

Please :
1. If anyone sights the dog anywhere in Malaysia,kindly take picture & send me a message with details
2. Pls screen screen screen even if you have to check the IC of the person. at the end of the day, we rescue not the other way round

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