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fremon 07-30-2011 11:35 PM

How is Imadi Pet Clinic now?
Hello, I've recently purchase a purebreed cat from said clinic, but somehow i just dont have alot of confidence in "his vet skills".

I'm just wondering if anyone has an experience to share about Imadi Pet Clinic recently?

My main concerns are,
- is he a certified vet?
- will he really give me the TICA cert that he promised?
(with full rights to breed and join competitions?

Also I have to bring my kitten back to the shop for shots soon, wondering if i should. Any info or experience shared here will be appreciated.

(Being vague in this post, trying to hide myself in-case "he reads it"

Edit: "Wow, after googling about the owner and his cattery, I'm not even sure if my kitten is a pedigree or getting the cert" :(

PS: this is my first time owning a kitten/cat, also if this post is in the wrong section, can a mod pls move it, thanks {happy}

hanissyazwan 08-06-2011 05:12 PM

Re: How is Imadi Pet Clinic now?
u may got ur cert but he can register his kucing kampung@dlh@dsh and claim as pedigree cat. last time i heard he offer 1 forumer here who own 1 dlh kitten to make tica cert with rm1.5k fee.

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