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AngelPie 08-26-2010 06:44 PM

Pet Family in Taman Megah
If you are a dog lover, DON'T send your beloved pooches (or rather cats, rabbits or guenia pigs or any living pets) there for grooming or even a visit.

If you want to learn grooming and not waste your money, enrol only if you are pretty or have the gift of the gab to stroke Wong &/ Selina's ego.

If you are beautiful &/ have extra dosh to waste, remember to buy snacks or things for your master groomer, his assistant, not forgeting the two paid hypocrites groomers (one is a chubby tabby, the other is a stylish tomboy.

I was there to witness the horrific treatment of animals waiting to be groomed, be it cats, dogs or rabbits. The dogs (either from puppy mills aka breeders who can only see dollar signs or from normal dog owners who thought they trusted these pple to groom their dogs for free) were locked up in the cage from morning till end of the day WITHOUT a drop of water or food, neither were the dogs let out for a pee.

If you can't clip your dogs' nails, DON'T even think of bringing it there coz your dog will be restrained either by a noose and intimidated by yanking it right on the edge of the table with it nearly suffocating on the noose. There will be lots of shouting and swearing on your poor poochy. Your dog's fur will be pulled, its body shaken, the nails'quick will be cut, blood and all the master groomer Wong will ask u to do is tab some stypic powder and continue with the grooming quickly as Time is Money. He is an absolute wanker who smiles in your face but slags u off behind your back.

Your pets when put on the grooming table are cursed at at the least signs of struggle, sometimes they aren't tied to the table when the groomer walks off to the loo or somewhere, I have seen puppies, rabbits and big dogs fall off the table, they will be picked up and slapped for "not being able to keep still".

If your dog doesn't like a wash, it will be bundled up like a ragged doll and banged against the sink several times to scare it.

The blower is a high-powered, noisy dryer which some dogs don't mind and which some are simply terrified of it. Your dog would either be pulled on its ears or tail or legs by sheer force to dry.

"Naughty" dogs or animals on the grooming table which can't stop fidgeting are restrained by the noose either by the neck or chest or its genitals.

I have seen a dog dangled in the air by the wired rope on its neck and its testicles. Now, Somebody tell me that this isn't painful !!! Cruelty and swearing at the dogs happen all the time unless being visited by customers or potential students wanting to have a look around. When customers are looking through the grooming windows, the groomers will feign smiles at the dogs, once the owners turn their backs, their dogs will be jerked and cursed at. Later the groomers will praise lavishly on how obedient the dogs are when the owners come collect them.

Dun put more money on hyprocrite Wong as he's also a breeder of miniature schnaucers and poodles and what not living thing he can squeeze money out of. He will pretend that he won't sell his puppies to u if he thinks u won't be a kind dog owner.
Yeah my ass !! He hits his own show dogs which has won him many championships.
He locks up his own stud dog poodle in Taman Megah in the cage 24 hours. The only time that poor dog is out of the cage is when students want to yank him out of his prison to entangle, wash, blow dry, colour, cut, to provide hours of training for students, before throwing him back to his cage WITHOUT the poor dog touching the floor once !!! Year in Year out, the dog shivers and been tortured. And of course, wanker Wong then mate him with some b****es to sell lots of puppies to the innocent.

I truly believe dogs need discipline.
A lot of dogs' owners would be ridden with guilt or frustration when they try to cut their own dogs' nails, and they would struggle and fidget, so they would bring them to the professional groomers, thinking money well spent as these pple would know how to handle their dogs without harming them.
I used to be able to only clip my own dog's nails one nail to 2 nails a day as his quicks were cut and bled several times before when I brought him to the groomers.
After those bloody nightmares, I have been very patient and loving, so now I alternate between using the clippers which he still hates and a dremmel. I can't imagine with his nail clipping phobia to send him off to Pet family and he would come home even more scared.
There are gentle dog groomers out there, best is mobile dog groomers who would come to your house and you can watch them.
Different story with this Pet family.
Master groomer Wong Jau Ming is the best and closest disciple of Yuri. He learnt all his skills from her in Wow Wow Meow Meow.

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