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cllm2466 07-17-2012 06:49 PM

Any suggestion on what i should do?
Dear Readers

Please help me and let me know what I should do about this matter.

I have been residing at Taman Setia Indah, Johor Bahru for the past 8 years and just this year in 2012, before Chinese New Year, i had new neighbours moving in opposite of our house. A week after our neighbour moved in, we all realised that he was not such a friendly person like all of us around the neighbourhood, but we didn't bother much. A week after this, we noticed he bought back a huge breed dog, either Labrador or Rottweiller, I am not too sure as I am not familiar with big dog breeds. He kept the dog in a cage even though his was a corner house with land. We soon realised that he never let his dog out for runs or even walks in his own garden. We also realised that he bought another 2 huge breeds thereafter, which were all also locked in cages. I realise that this is not fair and humane for the dogs as they do not get enough feet exercise and this may also cause depression with the dogs. I have also heard the dogs barking all night when he is with his friends in the garden, but he doesn't even bother to talk to his dogs or even entertain them with attention. Please help the man's dogs !!!!!

I find this to be very disturbing as I have always believed that if you want to choose to rear a dog, you should do it with love, care and concern, which is what my neighbour is not giving at all to all his dogs in captivity.

I have suggested to make a police report on this matter, but my family advises against it as it may cause a strain in the neighbourhoodliness we have here, so I am writing this hoping somebody can do something for the pitiful dogs living with this horrible man who doesn't seem to know how to appreciate dogs as pets.

Thank you everybody for your much needed help.


Rayquaza17 07-17-2012 10:50 PM

Re: Any suggestion on what i should do?
Well.. for me you can try asking MDDB or the SPCA. Or report to DVM..{oh}

jouhari 07-18-2012 03:02 AM

Re: Any suggestion on what i should do?
I think you should try talking to that guy. Lots of variable we don't know. shouldnt assume things.

What if those dogs are being trained for something?
what if those dogs are not trained to walk outside? better keep them in and not risk the neighbourhood kids.
what if he was jsut acclimating the dogs?
what he wants a guard dog and thats part of their training.
Maybe he is just fostering for people of of his kindness til owner gets back.
maybe the real owner gave him instruction to not let them out.

too many things we assume. better ask him politely. If he lets those guys out, and it attacked some kids walking home from school.... you wanna be responsible for that?

from the breeds you mentioned, sounds like the guy knows what he is doing. no amature would dare to have rotties and labs. how comfident are you he doesn go for walks? could be during the times you weren't home. Or maybe he takes em off somewhere safer. Does he have big truck or suv?

we all love animals but i notice people jump to conclusions too fast. When i kept one of my cats in a cage, people thought i was punishing they guy. In fact i was keeping him away from infeccting the rest of the pride.

If you see em beating it, of course you should intervene. otherwise, get the full story first . who knows,, you might get a friend of out it. for all you know he could be a vet keeping the dogs quarantined.

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