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siTomeng 08-22-2018 03:56 PM

[NEWBIE] Whatís the optimum amount of kibbles a day for lil kitty?
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Hi! 2 weeks prior there was a female calico kitten of about 4 months came to my house looking all skinny and feeble. Nasib baik ada ProDiet sebagai backup food. After that I decided to change to RC Kitten (repack; beli dekat shopee) and see how it goes. At first, I did mixed both food (2/3 prodiet 1/3 RC kitten) in a small amount. But she only ate the RC kibbles and slightly rejected the prodiet. Soon after that dia lebih suka makan RC kitten berbanding dengan prodiet. Terus bagi full plate of RC kitten 😂 Itís not even a full day right after that food transition. Tapi nak tanya, how many kibbles should a kitten of 4 months eat per serving? Plus, she wonít actually eat a lot of them kibbles either. But will continue eating after 2-3hrs in same small amount. Kalau dalam gram, susah nak agak.

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Tomeng! 😍 After more than a week with us.
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