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kentksy 12-05-2012 02:39 PM

Need help
I'm staying in condo near to batu 9 cheras. Recently, there was MPKJ came to my house and issued us a saman regarding to keep a dog in the condo. They need us to remove the dog from the condo. But the problem is, I'm the only owner who being instructed to remove the dog, other owners (staying in same condo) do not received any saman from MPKJ.

Besides, the dog is my mum's accompany, she will be very sad if the dog being removed. How can I do to keep the dog?

ashlycat 12-05-2012 08:40 PM

Re: Need help
it's because you got complaint, others are safe because no one is complaint on them.

noise, dirty, or bring dog to public place?
you must know, who or why had been complaint on your dog

if really want to keep the dog

1) sent boarding to petshop or ask friend to take care before and after date end, 2-3 weeks

2) make a soundproof room to keep the dog, so no one could hear your dog (some dog keep crying few hours until owner back or bark in the house even a bit sound come from outside)

3) never let or bring your dog go out from condo (some people carry dog to every where, wet market, grocery store, coffee shop, left dog sit/sleep on public chair and public table, let dog pee or poo in public place) even standing/sitting beside you with carry their dog in arm while you eating{ohmygod}

4) use pet carrier beg to carry you dog when go to petshop for grooming or to vet

end of the story is no neighbor should know you still keep the dog in the condo
i do have a dog, and i hate people bring thier dogs to shop, restaurant or let dog pee and poo in public place, dog should pee and poo in own house not on roadside or in playground

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