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AndreaLindsey 07-13-2018 07:02 PM

A suggestion to animal control
Hey friends, I am from Toronto. You might have come across many situations where animals become a real nuisance to our properties. We use different methods to get rid of these animals. It can be harmful to both wildlife and human life. It is not an ethical method as it might cause pain to the creature. Many household fires are caused by animals. Chewing of wires can lead to an electric fire. I think if we apply a proper remedy, we can prevent animal intrusion, and thus save money. I strongly believe that animals are also part of our ecosystem and they have the right to live on the earth. So if they are a real nuisance, we should remove them without affecting their life.
There are long-term solutions to this problems. If we disturb their habitat, they will occupy our deck, garage, and attic. The concerning part is that it not only damage our house, but it affects our health too. Animal wildlife control services arrange a better place for them and it will not be a nuisance if handled properly.

Administrator 07-15-2018 08:05 PM

Re: A suggestion to animal control
Hi Andrea, welcome to PetFinder forum and thank you for sharing your experience.

It is certainly best if we can humanely handle such situations so that the animals are not harmed and the humans are safe from the risks.

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