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ashleywong 10-13-2008 03:11 PM

Safety Issue - Cat-Safe Ant Control
By Franny Syufy,

Are you troubled by ants, but don't want to endanger your cat with toxic commercial sprays and poisons? Here are some cat-safe alternatives for ant control:

* Prevention is the best cure. Keep kitchen and dining areas scrupulously free of food, including dishes in the sink. Wipe up all water spills and repair any dripping faucets.
* Create your own ant trap. Combine 1/3 Cup Molasses or Honey, 6 T Sugar, and 6 T active Dry Yeast. Put in a container such as a canning jar, and punch holes in the top. Place outside the house near the ants' entry point. (See sidebar for source.)
* Draw a chalk-line around the foundation perimeter. Ants generally won't cross the line.
* Find the location where ants are entering your house. Outside that point, sprinkle cinnamon, cucumber peels, or lemon juice, all of which are natural ant repellants.
* To keep ants out of your cat's food: Put the food dish on a larger plate or flat pan filled with water. Drop one or two drops of liquid diswashing detergent on the surface of the water. The "soap" will break the surface tension, preventing the ants from "walking on water."
* The ultimate repellant: My daughter sprinkles a trail of sugar-coated cereal from the indoors ant-trail leading to her yard, where she leaves an ant-friendly offering of honey.

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