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KawaiiRiceBall7 04-17-2014 05:50 PM

My baby rabbit: Domo =(
This is Domo.
Her last picture & picture of both of us ( me & my bf ) with Domo.
Born : 13/3/2014 - 9/4/2014
Died because of an infection named '' Snuffles ''
Click the the word '' Snuffles '' to read about Snuffles.
She is a hyper little baby bunny & funny too.
We have her pictures & videos as well!
don't forget to check her out!
She is always our little bunny angel.

I believe, helping other furry friends & share their stories will also make Domo happy.
With some time & thought, i wanted to do something for her.
Which sharing videos, pictures & also helping other furry friends that don't really express out their pain.
When Domo is suffering, she don't sound at all, but quietly alone.

Rabbits don't really show emotions or sounds when they are not feeling well.

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