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Default Re: Kenapa Kucing muntah-muntah dan cirit?

Originally Posted by NurulAin View Post
Kucing saya dia muntah2 dan cirit.. kenapa ye?
hard to say. bukan doctor :) what changed? food? litter box? they dumpster drived?

dewormed and vacinated dah?

some food ada hairball control. used that recently?

are they playing by ubat nyamuk at night?

you cat proofed your house from rat poinsons?

any disgruntled neighbours?

fed them sambal? chocloate?

and plants you have in the house they might bite into?
they drink from toilets?

water supply is clean? sometimes dorang boh makanan in there by accident.

someone kciked them? concussions can do that too. jatuh ke.

bersin tak? batuk? hingus? eye crust?

Get to a vet. just sharing with you what I would tell the vet when i see em. They can't know what happene til you tell em.

good luck with your kitties
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