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Exclamation HELP! What to do with kitten abandoned by its mommy?

Hello.... Story goes like this...

This cat gave birth in my friend's drawer. But when we found the kitty, mother was not there. So we left it outside in a box, thinking the mother will come and pick it up later.

that happened yesterday. The kitty still there, motherless. I think its around 4-5 days old, eyes even unopened yet...

I try searching the whole building for any signs of newborn kitties but failed. Try searching for the mother, also failed.

I have at least 4 weeks to care for it (if I still cannot find the mother), then we are supposed to leave the hostel (for semester break). Takkan nak biarkan anak kucing tu cam tu sahaja...kan?

I thought of bringing it back home. Big NO-No. My hometown is in JB, now Im in KL, and I already got my bus ticket. Any other options/suggestions (or probably suggestion on how I can sneak in the kitty on bus without other ppl noticing)? Already stressed out...

Kalau interested nak 'adopt', feel free to inform me... Your help means a lot to me & the poor kitty.

Thank you..
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