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Default Re: HELP! What to do with kitten abandoned by its mommy?

Thank you for your advice... I know I shouldnt have switch the place. But I did leave the kitten on the same place (in the box) so the mother can find it. I waited till nite, but still the kitten was there. Tak sampai hati la nak biarkan dia kesejukan.. Jadi saya bawa masuk biliklah.

But its all done now, mission accomplished !

Malam semalam ibu kucing tu melintas depan bilik. Luckily dia kenal, so I panggil dia, bawa masuk bilik, tunjukkan dia anak dia. Agak penat jugaklah tunggu dia se-bau dgn anak dia.. Sambil2 tu, upah la some friskies. :)

Now they're reunited. Really happy. Alhamdulillah...

Macam jejak kasih pun ada gak.. hehe.. thanks again for the advice.
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