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Exclamation Angels needed for rescue in TTDI area!!

Hi all, residents around Jalan Datuk Sulaiman area have noticed a black medium sized dog resting outside their driveways last night. It seemed very friendly and may have been someone's pet, it was seen attempting to follow a jogger who gave it some water. One of the residents noted that the dog may be injured and another noticed that he(?) has a hole close to the ear filled with maggots. I am ashamed to say I am petrified of worms and have no experience in rescuing a dog, much less an injured one . Praying someone will help it before it gets caught and put to sleep, knocked down (as it is close to penchala link where there is heavy traffic) or perhaps even ill treated. I have sent a text to an organization called KL Pooch Rescue, but have no idea if they are a no kill shelter, if the dog will receive proper treatment from them or if they will even respond, or perhaps the dog might be better off being rescued by one of the angel rescuers on this forum. It was last seen wandering along Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 4 and seemed to be very hungry.
I am sure if saved and treated he(?) will make a lovely pet. Please help this poor soul.
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