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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Here's a joke...

I-Jeanne - good to serve as a "backup" PC in case your primary PC dies...
I-dola - It only looks good and promises a lot but it fails to deliver in the end...

As most of the people have already said, I too suspect the PSU as the main culprit behind all your computing woes.

Do get it replaced or checked out ie. blown fuse, dead lizard in the circuitry (it happens!!!)

A basic PSU would be less than RM100. High ended PSU's featuring true power and what-not is more suited or gamers/overclockers as they are able to supply a constant wattage to heavy drain devices within the CPU.

If lightning did indeed strike your CPU, you should check your modem as well as the phone line can indeed transmit harmful electrical spikes through the ethernet cable.
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