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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Originally Posted by vivienlpl View Post
wah your pc on whole day one ar..then possible lightning.....strike
if you are on a lightning protector device - normally it is a device connected to your computer - then maybe it strikes that device - you need to get it replace..if it is not working - it zap straight your pc - your most expensive part of the CPU might get "goreng"
try opening the box - you might smell the burnt smell

but you said lightning arrestor on top of the roof hhmmm it wont help
it wont make a difference - unless your pc is next to it...
err, vivien, it's not really possible to turn off my pc. my home security system is wired into the modem which is connected to my pc, so it needs to be turned on 24/7.

although we have tight security in our condo, it was only completed end of last year and is now only 30% occupied. early this year, there were like 3 or 4 break-ins every day, and now, while the numbers have declined, there are still break-ins. a guard caught the burglars once. and from cctvs in the building, the burglars are identified as the renovation contractors. so, with so many units still undergoing renovation as a lot of owners only settled their last payment and got their keys 2 months or so ago, i need my own home security system.

and isn't my pc that wasn't working, it's filin's.
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