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Default Why Does My Cat Scratch and why the furnitures?

Hi All

I'm sure this is another topic that's close to our hearts - why does your cat scratches and how to get it to drop this annoying habit (annoying to our thinking).

Most of us would either leave the cat alone, hoping it will grow out of its scratching habits or after trying many solutions, be at wits' end on how to stop it. sadly this behavorial trait of a cat might even caused the cat to end up either at a shelter or be dumped out on the street.

I come across this article at Http:// by Fanny Syufy. It's a well written article addressing one of the common problems encountered by cats owners (be it beginners or "veterans").

Scratch THIS, PussyCat!
Maximizing Your Cat's Greatest Tools
By Franny Syufy,

A kitten's paws are like the hands of babies. As they grow, they will become more and more important tools for life, and claws are an essential part of cats' paws. And like babies, they may use those tools in destructive ways unless they are trained. Please learn to respect your cat's claws. Never even consider declawing as an option, nor getting rid of the cat. Instead, consider the training options you need to use, even as you'd train an errant toddler.

i'm posting just an excerpt here, for full article and other useful tips, please visit :
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