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Default Re: Offer this lovely semi-long hair kitten a home pls..

Originally Posted by adamyala View Post
Gee...anak cik tom macam dia jugak kan? Cik Tom Gee tanak kasi adopt ke ?...jerry tak habis2 menggoda.
Cik Tom so far tak de lg hasrat nak bg adopt Zai sbb Gee ada 1 baka DSH kaler putih hehe.. wpuntak puteh semer.. As for today, ni list yg Gee boleh pikir

Not for Adoption
1. Musyang (neutered)
2. Daisy (spayed)
3. Baby@Abby (neutered)
4. Betty@Etty (spayed)
5. Jerry
6. Nyet (spayed)
7. Cik Tom

Into Consideration for adoption
1. Oyen
2. Tabby (neutered)
3. Totty (spayed)
4. Demok (spayed)

Currently Put up for adoption:
1. Manja (Stray)
2. Aning (Stray- booked)
3. Manggish
4. Manish
5. Omey (spayed)

Will put up for adoption
1. Tomot
2. Aning
3. Smokey
4. Chalit (spayed)
5. The 12 kittens
6. 4 strays - x tau nama (1 mom-to-be)
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