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Default Re: Posting Guidelines for Vet Reviews

Ya Ezer!

I Strong agree with this...

Especially here:


• If the Clinic responds to your issues, please be nice back as they are trying to help. Bear in mind that all clinics probably have bad cases and if they are here to resolve it for you, it's a good thing. Don't push them away.

• You are fully responsible for your posts and is in no way responsible for your opinions.

Clinics should help out on the public forums as a gesture of good faith and help respond to all customer issues quickly and promptly. That would create a positive environment and positive feedback from customers as well. Use wisely, the forum can bring you more customers!

Good Ideas to Improve your customer Relations Thru

•Get Involved here. Register your own account. Help answer questions about Pet Health. You'll be surprise how many customers you'll gain simply by getting involved in the online world. You'll be building your clinic's reputation up over time and the occasioanal complain will not matter as you'll have resolved it quickly.

•Quickly Resolve your clinic's issues. And this builds trust on top of your reputation.

•If you like, we can even create a special Customer support forum for you where you can use to promote your clinic, and help with questions, suggestions, etc. Just drop us a line. It's free!

Personally, I like feedback coz feedback is important for you to create trust about the vet and no misunderstanding will be happen right?

Yeepee...I found myself love Pet Finder So much..A very Good Improvement for all member to join and share...

Good Job Ezer and Andy!!
Thanks both of u for creating, changing and modifying the Pet Finder to be so successful today..

hehe..If there is a company of Pet finder (Pet Finder Sdn Berhad) in future..I will support An information center for animal..
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