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Default 2weeks puppy to adopt... normal puppy..

i found this puppy few days ago on d field of my condo.
his eye haven't open during that time until yesterday night. he is growing bigger now a days. and i could not take him with me, because i'm a student and also studying.

Well, i have made a call to SPCA.. u noe..they told me, they wont take it also, they will just let him die. coz they have too many dogs in their shelter( over 700) and only 200dogs have been adopted. the rest of 500, they just let them "rest in peace". can u imagine that?!!


i hope some one could help me to take up this puppy as soon as possible..
he is in black and brown color, with small paws (compare to others dogs), and also small ears. If anyone need any further information, do contact me..
thank you.

0164562214 Yeong Ai
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