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Default Dog drag on motorcycle

Those who live in Penang Hillside pls keep watch on a motorcycle EX5 number plate PCN 5272. Last week me and my mechanic went up the hill to test drive my car to find out what's wrong with my engine overheating. I came across a motorcycle dragging a dog brown color with a string tied to it's neck. The dog was struggling and resisting while the rider just keeps pulling the dog and the dog was like choking. If anyone can take a picture and report this matter would be helpful.

I tried to report this to SPCA but all they say is "there's nothing we can do, it's going to be very hard" cause I got no pictures? So does that mean if someone gets robbed they can't be charged cause there's no picture? I felt so angry that I wanted to wind down the window and shout at the rider.
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