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Default Cats in Apartments

I live in an apartment with three lovely cats. After moving out from my old house I thought I have freedom and get to own animals cause I love animals I had hamsters and guinea pigs last time before I move on to have cats when my hamsters and guinea pigs were dead due to all age. After moving here for the first two years I had a very peaceful time. Then came this new neighbour a few blocks away just moved in. There first year was no problem then the problem starts. He keeps complaining about the smell and everyone in his family fall sick. He came to my house in the middle of the night and knock on my window and I answered he started to scold me. After a few months he went to the malays (now already shifted out) and complain to them also with the same excuse that his family fall sick. Then he brought this up to the management every once and then and I get a call from the management asking me to do something about the smell. So I just ignore it and just do my cleaning even installed air wick auto dispenser to get rid of the smell.
Just recently the neighbour even get the comitee involve. I was called to the office to discuss. Now I was ordered that my cats be taken to someplace else or throw them away or they would call the MPPP. I tried to argue with them but the comitte said in the S&P is already stated that no cats and dogs are allowed but there are people in that building rearing cats even dogs. They said a police report is also made. Just for argue sake, do they have the rights to do that? To me is really unfair cause I got nowhere else to go. I don't have any other place to put them. If there is I wouldn't be staying here. Because i love my cats alot I had to find another place to stay while I going to sell off this apartment.
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