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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
I believe you can but there is a limit as to how many cats/dogs you can keep.
For example if the Indian family had 8 cats then its too much.
But in your case 3 is ok.
Why dont you just give MPPP a call first and discuss and seek advice from them.
I was told by MPAJ (the lady was very helpful) that you can appeal and allowed to keep pets as long as your cats does not roam outside your apartment compound and does not give any trouble outside e.g. disturbing neighbours rubbish, making noise at night then I see its not a problem.
You just have to make sure that your house is clean if the MPPP decides they want to pay a visit to your house.
Also..... they cannot barge into your house without a warrant.
Remember that.
Dont be itimidated by them.
Remember its your house and the cats are inside your house.
Legally its your compound and no one has the right to enter your house.
But this neighbour keeps complaining bout the smell said everytime he opens the door he can smell and always giving excuse his son is sick, allergic. I do scoop up every day once, mop the floor every week. i don't open the windows cause they will run out. Once my siamese got lost for 5 days lucky my neighbour found her. (not the same complaining neighbour but a malay family). Even two of my cats fell off from the 2nd floor when my mom came to clean the house and said the windows should be left open to let the fresh air in. The apartment here is very badly handled by the management. Even drug addicts live here. Once I had my grill door pried open but the wooden door was left untouched. Even my car got break in and my bank card was stolen.
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