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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Hi, Kmleong,

I really agree with Felix the Cat's suggestion about the wood pellet cat litter!

I just switched to it after using silica for some time. The pine is the best litter I've ever used in terms of odour control. It's easy to find, not terribly expensive, organic, flushable, and she's right -- there's almost NO tracking. (And no, I do not work as a salesman for a pine cat litter company. )

I suspect Felix is also right when she says your neighbour is just being disagreeable at this point. Possibly nothing will make him happy. If you can speak to the local council, though, and convince them that your apartment is clean and the cats are not causing any trouble, that may well end the issue.

Another PF member, June, went through a similar trauma some time ago, and she finally succeeded in convincing DBKL that her cats were not causing any disturbance, despite her nasty neighbours' complaints. It was a long thread, but you can read about her experience here:

Meanwhile, I'm glad you've got someone to foster your cats until you can solve the problem on a permanent basis. Wishing you all the best of luck!

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
I am also using a wood base litter called flushable woody and it does not smell 90%! compared to using litter clay. Wish I found out about this earlier and its so much more easier to clean. Its low in tracking too.
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