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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Hmmm, I never come across the wood type. You mean you can just flush it in the toilet? How much does it cost? Penang is very hard to find a shop that sells everything, I mean like all kinds of stuff. I tried the aromatic one before but the aromatic will dissapiar after a week and so costly cause I'm currently jobless so my budget couldn't afford it so I switch back to hte normal litter which cost me $16 for 10L one. Even before I started having cats I had hamsters but couldn't find any good cage, cause I was looking for big once so they have space to run around. All the shops I went sells very small cages.

As for the neighbour he lives in the corner unit while mine is somewhere in the middle. Each floor have 10 units with 5 units in 1 row while the other 5 units faces each other. Is like a straight corridor with 5 units on the left and 5 on the right so if I walk out of the house I can reach my neighbour on the opposite side with just two steps. From my theory I think why he can smell the smell cause of the narrow corridor walking path and there it's not really open air so the smell can't actually escape. I will post a picture of the actual view of my unit. My fosterer I went to visit her apartment is so much different than the one I'm staying. Once you step out of the house is like open air, no walls or neighbours facing each other.

Even if I fence up the grill door and windows and leave the windows open, will the smell be more stronger? And he keeps complaining his son fall sick so can smell actually make ppl sick? Or is he talking about allergic? From what I know ppl only get allergic to cats fur and not smell so if I were to let my windows open wouldn't that make it even worst as the fur will fly out. i even told the comitee just outside my unit airwell (all units have airwell) there is a pile of feaces probably from other stray cats cause there are lots of strays roaming around but they just wouldn't listen. Comitee said once complain is made you have to evict them.

Anyway, maybe is also good to move out cause the place here is poorly maintain. Even on the airwell people throwing rubbish down from the upper floor and even outside (my 2nd room) so if you look out of the window the rubbish is just next to you. (will post picture of it too). If I were to bring this to MPPP and let's say they allow me to keep them, then my neighbour might not be happy and will find more ways to cause trouble. Also all both lifts are placed at one corner which is next to this trouble neighbour. Everytime I take the lift I have to pass his unit and I always feel like not easy when passing thru. Once that was long time ago he came to my unit in the middle of the night pass midnight he starts knocking on my window. I open to answer and he started quarrelling with me.

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