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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
I think you should cat proof your apartment.
Put wire mesh on your windows and door grill so that your cats wont accidentally go out.
For your information, I have 14 cats and I mop my cat room twice a day(once morning and once in the evening) and clean their litter box twice a day (morning and evening) too. Cleanliness is my strict priority as I have two children at home.
People have come to my house on several occassions and I am happy to say that they always comment that it does not smell although I have 14 cats although sometimes there is a smell especially after someone does a fresh poop so that we cannot avoid.
What I do is my own 'Febreeze'.
I buy a spray bottle and put softlan and water (Downy Brand - Aromatic) into it and then spray all over my house with it. On the curtains, cushions, all cloth material and I must say that it really work.
No smell at all
I am also using a wood base litter called flushable woody and it does not smell 90%! compared to using litter clay. Wish I found out about this earlier and its so much more easier to clean. Its low in tracking too.
Having pets we must ensure the cleanliness of our surroundings. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you are not clean but we must strive harder in order to stop people from complaining.
If there is a window next to your neighbour who is complaining, board it up so that he can't say the smell is coming out although I am sure that he will still try to find ways..... to find fault with you.
For me having 3 cats is nothing compared to others who has multiple cats in their houses and apartments.
Do you live in a landed or apartment? I have a bottle of softlan which I use to wash my clothes with. How to make one febreeze, like how much water and softlan to add in the spray. Yes you are right, he will still find ways to find fault with me even if I bring this up to MPPP and they let me keep and I don't like that cause I am a peaceful man who get's upset easilly when other peopl e are causing trouble. Everytime he makes a complain I get worried alot and I can't even eat or sleep for days. It's like that feeling you get when you broke up with your girl friend. Every complain he keeps saying the same thing that his son fall sick or his whole family fall sick.
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