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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Hi kmleong,
You might wanna take Furkids' advice to ask some of your friends to help inspect / sniff out if the surrounding in and out of your apartment is having the foul smell, again as Furkids said, your nose senses is already somehow immune to your own house smell (whether it is a good or foul smell) you will have problem to determine it yourself. Ask a few friends to help determine it so you can get a fair result.

After you have done that, if foul smell really do spread to your neighbours' apartment lot, you might wanna get try this 'dettol disinfectant spray'. (p.s i am not a dettol agent ) You might wanna spray this even at the front of your house where people do walk by a lot. Have been using this for few months, i can't say this will help to kill the smell for one whole day with just a spray, but i'm sure it'll definitely help for times when you can't chase out the smells by youself, by the way, this dettol spray also kills bacterias.
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