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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

Originally Posted by ashleywong View Post
did they indicate it is a one-off "approval", meaning for that specific trip you mentioned or they indicate they have no issues with people who take their cats along in a carrier. i hope it's the latter.

do share with us your cat's journey and experience travelling on the lrt and whether people commented on it. it'd be interesting indeed. most of us are thinking that it would not be "allowed".
Hi, Ashley -- I just asked if the cat, in a carrier of course, can go on the LRT. No mention of one trip or daily commute... The two officials both said there was no problem. If Furkid's imagination proves correct, I expect other passengers will throw me & my stinky cat right off the train. And I think June may also be right -- I wouldn't be surprised if I get some nasty looks. (That's OK. I can give right back. )

Next Monday is the Big LRT Day. Will let you know how it goes!
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