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Default Cat on LRT?

Amanda,what I don't understand why the taxi driver refused to take you and your cat.Your cat is in the carrier.'sigh'.what can we do?? Malaysia Boleh to our taxi driver. If you really doesn't have a choice,I guess LRT/Monorail is the only option. Just ignore the stare from commuters.

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
I understand what you all are saying. If I had a car or friends who are available to chauffeur me and my cat to the vet or boarding place when we need to go, I would not have raised this question in the first place.

I agonized long and hard about this issue before adopting the cat. Since then, I have had very mixed results trying to get taxi drivers to take us. I can't depend upon taxis to get us where we need to go on time, as so many drivers refuse.

I am not insensitive to the feelings of other LRT passengers. My cat is quiet. If she did poo in her carrier, I would get off the train at the next stop, clean it up, and continue. As for people who are allergic, most are fine until they touch a cat. I doubt my little fur-ball cowering in the back of her carrier is going to put anyone into hospital from the opposite end of an LRT train.

And I also try to see things from the cat's point of view: Of course, it would be far less stressful for her if I put the carrier into a car, and we go directly to our destination.

I suppose most people in KL do drive, do have their own cars. I do not, and there are times when I need to move my cat across the city for one reason or another. My options are these: Struggle with disagreeable taxi drivers, explore the possibility of public transit, or get rid of the cat.

Believe me, I'm not considering the LRT for our entertainment!
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