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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

ooooi, ashley, it's blackie la, not june. she's not black....not yet, anyway.

your points were more or less what the staff at pet safari told me, ashley. thanks for the details....i tend to be lazy in details.

Originally Posted by ashleywong View Post
i agree with june. most probably it is out of tajuk here but just want to chip in...

1) the way the stroller is constructed and the material used, it doesn't seem sturdy or "tahan lasak" enough for a cat or cats, a few scratches/cakar and there goes the stroller.

2)another point, the place where you put the cat- it is situated way too low- a cat will not feel safe and secure if both you and the cat meet with someone or something that intimidates the cat.

3) the cabin/cab where you place the cat, it is not meant to be detachable from the wheels and stand of the stroller which means your journey must be such that once you put the cat into it at your house, you shouldn't need to move the cat in or out until you reach your destination. you can't detach the cabin/cab and put that into your car while you fold the rest of the stroller into your car's boot.

4) further the size of the cabin / cab is only good for either 1 large cat or 2 small cat or 1 large cat (depending on how large) and 1 small cat. if you have multi cat like some of us, you'd have to consider buying multiple stroller

well, i'm actually looking for strollers that is suitable ..if someone knows where to buy one in KL, pls give me a holler here.

sorry, neko for hijacking your thread.
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