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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

One last thought... It's really a pity that we have to resort to James Bond-style stealth and cunning to get a cat from one place to another. I would dearly love to respond to Lynielime's recent request for people to foster cats from the SPCA, but the issue of transportation is stopping me in my tracks.

In the interest of the environment, we should all be looking increasingly to public transit. Realistically, why not allow cats-in-carriers on-board? They make noise? So do children. They make smells? So do sweaty people and ikan bilis. They cause allergy? So do perfumes, in many cases. Some people don't like them? I don't like those people, but I still have to share the LRT with them -- deal with it!

Hmm. Maybe I should stop grumbling on Petfinder and go talk to the people who are actually in charge at the various public transit agencies & lobby for a clear, consistent policy to allow small pets aboard.
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