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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

Charlene, I had sold a lot of this carrier bag although I feel it is a bit stuffy & warm for our pet in our weather but it shud be OK once you are in a air cond place.

don't forget the original Sean Coonery is with us so we do supply secret agent equipment too.

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
maneki, below are photos of my cat carrier bag. err, please ignore june's statement about my stuffing my Blackie into it like sampah.

1) this is the back. there are 3 ways to carry this bag. one, like a backpack, two, like a carrefour/tesco shopping bag, and three, there is a long, sling strap that u can clip on for slinging on your shoulders like a handbag. i find the backpack style useful when taking blackie for jungle-trekking....hehe, not that i have done that yet. :-)

2) the side view. the first picture shows the flap down, hiding the cat from view. the second picture shows the flap being flipped up, for ventilation. that's how i took blackie with me to the gym in our condo....

3) the front. in the first picture, the flap on top is down, hiding the cat from view again. in the 2nd picture, the flap is rolled up, providing ventilation.

you can open the bag from both sides, creating a tunnel for your cat to play with it during the day. put a soft, thick towel inside and a toy, and your cat will enjoy the "tunnel". you can also open from the front. see the u-shape thingy beneath the opened black netting? it can be opened up so the cat has various entries.

but of course, when u travel with your cat, u want to make sure all the zips are securely zipped to prevent accidental escape. hope this helps.

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