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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

Well.. I take my kittens around on motorbike ..not the best mean of transportation but it's all I have. Currently I'm using this carrier.. good ventilation but I don't bring my kittens to a lot of places, except to the vet.

A model help me show how easy to get into the carrier / bag

A curious onlooker sniffing around..

The previous model, peering inside..

The carrier is more like a bag, so I added some cardbox covered in pvc mat inside as reinforced base. Easier to carry and the bag doesn't fold in, squeezing the kittens. Although it's almost impossible to carry Sherbet in that now..he's heavier. I'm guessing I have to look for a sturdier, bag/carrier for Sherbet soon..
On a side note, I don't think I can bring my kittens anywhere in a cab.. both are screaming banshee.. even bringing them downstairs from 2nd floor in carrier is noisy enough
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