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Default Re: Cat on LRT?

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
aww, u guys are still persisting in calling it sampah bag.

hehe, actually, blackie bond didn't do anything. he just sat inside his carrier bag & watched me.....i'll open one flap so he can sit & face outside. i use the gym either in the morning or early afternoon when it's empty as everyone is at work, so there's no one to complain about having a cat in the gym. sometimes i let him watch me at the jacuzzi, too, but course, i don't open the flap when i'm at the jacuzzi. wouldn't want him to drown in the water.

it's my way of compensating for not including him in my social life. i feel guilty that i never take him out when we go out, that he doesn't get a chance to see that there is life outside our 4 walls.

yeah, i agree that it can be stuffy, but as he's only ever in an air-cond place, it should be ok. i've never taken him jungle-trekking before, even though i bought it with that in mind. he's just too heavy for me to carry on my back while jungle-trekking! my 2 shoulders ache from just carrying him to the gym!!
Wahh... your Blackie is so well behaved I'm envious.. my 2 kittens are monkeys, screaming banshee. At home they climb almost anything, extra curious and nosy. Bring them outside, they cower in fear and screamed loudly. I tried taking them to the nearby park once but both were trembling I went home after 10minutes...

I would love to have my kittens see life outside 4 walls..but alas, the time has not yet come...
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