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Default Re: How to take care of new born puppies and their mother

Originally Posted by Divas View Post
Its great that you have been trying to give her advice. You can let her know that spaying/neutering will be uncomfortable for a few days but it sure beats all the negative side effects to having an intact dog, especially a pair that are albe to mate.
You can also tell her that it is her problem as she took responsibility for the parents and any puppies they may have when she bought them. Dogs (all animals in fact) have a conciousness, feelings and emotions, leaving them in bad condition and allowing unfit digs to breed is not only neglecting the well being of the initial female and her pups, but you have to remember by allowing this to happen she is also responsible for all the other people who take her puppies and then breed them. Think of a pyramid scheme with one person on top and then all the branches that extend downwards and you get the idea of what i am talking about.

Sadly, some people, even friends and family will not listen when it comes to the care of their animals. Whether its because they think they know best, or the just really don't care there are many times when we as animal loves will just be left feeling helpless and hurt from the situation we see their pets in. Then it is up to you to decide how far you want to take it. Should you let them be and hope that one day they will realize for themselves? Try to keep persuading them and hope they will one day listen? Report them to an animal welfare centre? Or take the dogs away to find them a better home?
Sadly when it comes to people close to us, the second 2 options (although better for the dogs) are not normally real optinos as it would seriously damage or destory your relationship with that person.

Its true. I've try every way to scare her into bringing her pups for spaying and her reply was that she wants them to breed....seriously. These are lives we're talking bout no some teddy bear you play with. I keep advising her till she gets annoyed but i cant push too hard as like you say it might damage the relationship and take my word for it, she doesnt take advice well. As the parents...they want to breed to sell......considered taking the dog away but isnt really possible.
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