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Default Re: Minta opinion- dealing with irresponsible pet owner

Hi, sorry I have just noticed this reply. I click the link but link is broken. Actually, I have called Paws Malaysia and also SPCA, the said its just a domestic dispute, the cant do anything about it. They told me to make complain to MPS. I called MPS, they said they can only confiscate the cats if they see their living condition is poor upon their investigation. But I don't feel comfortable with dealing with MPS coming here to do investigation and all. I don't want my parents to have a sour relationship with them. Also, this is a kampung area, I am not sure as to how they could conduct investigation when most of the cats are roaming freely in the area. So, I didn't launch the complain at the time. Maybe I will re-think about it again if the situation has gotten really out of control.
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